Besnard Lakes/ Malajube Review

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last night I went to a really awesome concert at the Wadsworth Atheneum. I compare it with only two other concerts I’ve been to: Pink Martini and Phish. It was for 2 bands: a French Canadian band called Malajube and a psychedelic indie rock band called the Besnard Lakes. Malajube was  up first, and the guitarist was wearing a gray hoodie with rainbow flashing sequins. He had an awesome Fender Telecaster. All their songs were REEEEALLLY loud, but I was wearing earplugs. They sing in French and their songs are just like other rock bands like Green Day or AC-DC. Here’s a video of them playing:  Note: I did not take this footage. It isn’t even from the show I went to. But it’s still really cool. Next up was the Besnard Lakes. Their lead guitarist and their bass player were husband and wife, and the bass was loud and clear with a really awesome sound. It seemed like everybody in the band also played keyboard except for the bass player because at one point the drummer, the lead guitar and the rhythm guitar were all playing a different instrument than what they usually played, in this case the keyboard. I got a super-awesome t-shirt of the Besnard Lakes, and here’s a picture: Awesome, right? Well, I definitely like it. Also, here’s one of their music videos.  All in all, that was a great concert!!!!

  1. Karen Hamad says:

    Love the critique, love the author, and love the whole Band Blog idea! Way to go Cyrus!

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