Soul Purpose CD Release!!!

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

My dad’s in a band called Soul Purpose. We used to live in Florida, and that’s where his band is. Now we live in good old CT, but he’s still (sort of) in the band. He recorded the whole time we lived in Florida and more. He just went down there and played a show with them. The CD’s called Sounds From Science (here’s the album cover)   and it’s called that because the recording studio they recorded it at is called Science Recording Studio. My favorite song is called Jellyroll. You might not like it because it’s sort of reggae, but I think it has great rhythm. Their website is here. It’s, which is funny. My dad gave me the CD and I burned it onto my iPod. This is an amazing album. You have to listen to it for all those people out there who follow my website (although there probably aren’t any except Beanz and my dad, who also writes for the Hartford Advocate on  Thanks for viewing this website! I have what, 800 viewers!!! Woo!!! Thank you for your support. Cyrusdunz signing off.

  1. Beanz says:

    I listened to it and its AWESOME in all caps x2, which would make AWESOMEAWESOME with sauce, which would make it AWESOMEAWESOMESAUCE.

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