Hey guys! Today I want to talk about my Nintendo 64. It’s an old game system but it has pretty good graphics and it has the best video game ever: Zelda Ocarina of Time. Although you all are probably thinking that Playstations and Wiis and Xboxes are better, well, that’s a matter of opinion. But I like my Playstation just as much as my N64. Zelda OOT is a pretty sweet game, with a well-thought-out storyline, good graphics, and an amazing soundtrack. Although I love my PS3 as much as the next person, the Nintendo 64 has games to rival it. I know I’m a video game nerd, but seriously consider getting an N64 with OOT. You won’t regret it. Oh, and here’s a pic:

Cyrusdunz, signing off!


I’ve been really busy since I just got back from vacation. We went to Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We went boogie boarding at the beach and caught crabs with our crab trap. I got knocked down by a monster wave 10 times! Also, we went to an awesome place called Country Kettle Fudge. They make the best fudge in the world! Plus, we went to a water park called Thundering Surf with some pretty cool water slides. It was the best vacation ever! (And, we go there every year!)

Hey guys, sorry about not posting. I’m horrible at keeping track of time. Anyway, I’m writing this from my newly jailbroken iPod touch. What is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is when you basically free your iDevice. As ipod2g, one of the programmers says, “Why jailbreak ? There are multiple reasons to jailbreak, including : changing the iOS experience with powerful tweaks that can’t ever exist on the AppStore : SBSettings, WinterBoard, IntelliScreenX, LockInfo, and lot of others… playing retro games on console and arcade emulators. having access to a unix shell in you pocket, and all the open source software that can run on a unix OS.” You might not understand all of this, but it basically means you can tweak and customize everything. For example, here’s what my lock screen looks like:

Pretty cool, right? Still don’t get it? So, let’s say you bought a car at a car dealership. When you drive it home, you find that they’ve locked the hood. They say you can only modify it with their store and their rules. This is what Apple does. They say you can only modify your device with their AppStore and their rules. Jailbreaking lets you use an alternative AppStore, called Cydia, to download apps, tweaks, and themes. One advantage of jailbreaking your device is that you can do much more in terms of customization. Another is that you can change the default of things. Normally you can only put 4 icons in the dock of an iDevice, but if you download InfiniDock, you can put as much as you want. The only disadvantage is that it voids your warranty. It is 100% legal, unless you use it to pirate AppStore applications. (note: I am not in favor of Install0us). To learn how to jailbreak, visit guidemyjailbreak.com for a step-by-step walkthrough. Thanks for viewing! Cyrus, signing off!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been REALLY BUSY. Anyway, I just wanted to post a review of a concert I went to. I went to the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour. Basically, it was a Michael Jackson concert, but without Michael Jackson himself, because he’s dead, obviously. There were acrobats doing flips on trapezes and even a mime who did the classic “invisible wall” act. It was quite good. They had the music videos playing on the big screens, and there were dancers in front acting them out. Thriller wasn’t all that scary, but it was cool to watch. All in all, I think this was a great concert. See you all next time!

Bird video

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I was in blueback square a while ago, and I saw this BIRD! It was AWESOME!! I pulled my iPod out and shot a video. Click here to watch it. It’s really cute. My friend posted it on YouTube. Peace!


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As you may have noticed, I now have 1,000 views! I’m so happy!! I’ve only had dunzkapp.com for less than a year and I already have this much! For all of you out there, remember to post, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Hey guys! Happy Easter! It’s not quite Easter yet, but I’m busy on Easter so I’m doing it now. Do any of you like chocolate? (We all do.) Well then! So, hope you’re enjoying the holiday!
Cyrusdunz, signing off!!

P.S. if you don’t celebrate Easter, don’t take offense. That’s the last thing that dunzkapp needs.

Hey guys! Long time no see! So anyway, I just got a cowbell and a tambourine for my Pearl drum set. They’re pretty cool, and they sound and play good. One of the great features of tue tambourine is that it’s attached to my hi-hat. When you lift it up and put it back down, the tambourine rattles. Pretty sweet, huh? So, everything’s cool, and that just about wraps up my latest post. I’ll comment later with a picture. (Bye!!) See ya later! Cyrusdunz, signing off.
P.S. Does anyone know where you’re supposed to put the cowbell on the drumset?

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Pi day!!!

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Hi everyone (again)!! Just remembered, today is pi day!! March 14. You know? 3.14… So anyway, I just want to wish everyone a happy pi day!!


Hey everybody, cyrusdunz here with an all new post!! I just wanted to share about my drumming experience. The hi hat is my favorite. It’s amazing what it can do. You can play it really fast, create a steady beat, or even play it with random lifts of your foot. The bass is cool, too, because you can play it steadily or work into a groove! So, those are my thoughts about drumming. Cyrusdunz, signing off.


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