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Recently I acquired a pair of Beats Mixr headphones by Dre. They are amazing quality, and I greatly enjoy listening to them. I love the amount of bass they have. Even if you’re listening to a low quality song, it sounds fit for a king. They are great all-around headphones, and even though I’m not a DJ, I think these are perfect. They are not cheap, but they’re not as pricey as the Studios or Pros. They’re about $250. They’re worth it, though. If you go to Best Buy, some Best Buys have a section where you can try different headphones and listen to music. Look for the Mixrs there and try them on. Happy listening!


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Hey people. I have been very busy on Instagram. I just got one. Anyway, how was your Halloween? Get any candy? Leave a comment below saying how much candy you got. I got 114 pieces (that were gluten free, anyway.) I’m excited because the new Minecraft PE update is coming. They’re adding paintings, glowstone, a Nether Machine, melons, and mushroom farming. The update will probably come out in a couple days. Follow me on Instagram @cyrusdunz and have a great day!
Cyrusdunz, signing off!
(bless your face. If you sneezed during this post bless you.)