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Hey guys! Today I’ll be starting a new series of posts (weekly or biweekly) called App Reviews. I’ll be reviewing various iOS apps. Some will be from the AppStore, some from Cydia (the alternative app store, as you might remember from my earlier post on jailbreaking.) Today I’ll be reviewing the app iFile which is unfortunately from Cydia, so all you “I hate jailbreaking” sort of people, this app is not for you. 😦 So, let’s cut to the chase. iFile is a file manager that lets you switch files around on your device. If you have a computer, you have one pre-installed. You might not even know it! On Windows, it is called “My Computer” or “Computer.” On Mac, it’s “Finder.” There is also a Finder app from Cydia, but I prefer iFile. You can add texture packs and skins to Minecraft PE, change high-scores on games, or change text files of apps so they read other things. These are just a few of the endless possibilities. You can do virtually anything (if you can figure it out, that is.) So, yeah, this was my first app review. Hope you enjoyed it! Plus, from now on I’m gonna be posting daily (hopefully!) So, thanks for viewing!
Cyrus Dunzo, over and out. 😉


Minecraft Madness!!

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hey y’all! I am horrible at keeping track of time! It seems like yesterday was August! Time flies, doesn’t it? August, I got a dog who takes up a lot of my time. He is a Dalmatian- German Shepherd mix and he’s a year old.

Cute, right? Also, I discovered minecraft!! It’s the best game ever! (Best game ever..) I have tons of buildings and just awesomeness in general. I play minecraft Pocket Edition more than the PC version, and I’m working on a castle that I will post in later updates. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finally gotten back on track!
Peace off-
Cyrus the dunz