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Recently I acquired a pair of Beats Mixr headphones by Dre. They are amazing quality, and I greatly enjoy listening to them. I love the amount of bass they have. Even if you’re listening to a low quality song, it sounds fit for a king. They are great all-around headphones, and even though I’m not a DJ, I think these are perfect. They are not cheap, but they’re not as pricey as the Studios or Pros. They’re about $250. They’re worth it, though. If you go to Best Buy, some Best Buys have a section where you can try different headphones and listen to music. Look for the Mixrs there and try them on. Happy listening!


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Hey people. I have been very busy on Instagram. I just got one. Anyway, how was your Halloween? Get any candy? Leave a comment below saying how much candy you got. I got 114 pieces (that were gluten free, anyway.) I’m excited because the new Minecraft PE update is coming. They’re adding paintings, glowstone, a Nether Machine, melons, and mushroom farming. The update will probably come out in a couple days. Follow me on Instagram @cyrusdunz and have a great day!
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(bless your face. If you sneezed during this post bless you.)

Hey guys! Today I’ll be starting a new series of posts (weekly or biweekly) called App Reviews. I’ll be reviewing various iOS apps. Some will be from the AppStore, some from Cydia (the alternative app store, as you might remember from my earlier post on jailbreaking.) Today I’ll be reviewing the app iFile which is unfortunately from Cydia, so all you “I hate jailbreaking” sort of people, this app is not for you. 😦 So, let’s cut to the chase. iFile is a file manager that lets you switch files around on your device. If you have a computer, you have one pre-installed. You might not even know it! On Windows, it is called “My Computer” or “Computer.” On Mac, it’s “Finder.” There is also a Finder app from Cydia, but I prefer iFile. You can add texture packs and skins to Minecraft PE, change high-scores on games, or change text files of apps so they read other things. These are just a few of the endless possibilities. You can do virtually anything (if you can figure it out, that is.) So, yeah, this was my first app review. Hope you enjoyed it! Plus, from now on I’m gonna be posting daily (hopefully!) So, thanks for viewing!
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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. No need to come up with excuses, I’ll just use the same ones I used for this post. (I linked to Van Halen Song here.) It’s called not being creative!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Sadness!! Well, it’s easier that way because I don’t have to do all that boring typing. (If you don’t like doing boring typing, then why do you have a WordPress?) Hey, voice in my head, cut it out! I’m trying to think! Whatever. This is probably getting really boring for all the people who are reading this, and if it’s boring, I’ll get less website views, and if I get less website views, I’ll panic!! AHHHH!!!! So anyway, let’s change the topic and stop thinking about my tragic attachment to I had a band practice with Beanz about a week ago, but didn’t have the time to blog about it. After half a year of no band practices, we’re back on track. We started writing a song, but I don’t believe in spoilers so I’m NOT telling you what it is!! (Hey, that’s mean!) Yeah, well you can’t argue with me cause you’re a voice in my head! So CALLATE LA BOCA!!!!!! That’s right, I said it. (*whimper*) OK, this is cyrusdunz signing off and you’re reading my 18th post. (Did you know OK stands for “orl korrect,” a mispelling of all correct?) Be quiet, voice!!